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My first ever blog!

My first ever blog! I have to admit I don’t register any emotions on my face. My younger brother Irsyad (18) and younger sister, Nadhrah (14) cheer on this event but frankly I am more interested in that flyer about a new American restaurant opening in the mall nearby. Mum tells me to put it down and come look. I make the effort because it makes them happy. Why is it that what makes others happy matters little to me and what makes ME happy is so alien to them?

Life on the edge of a black hole. Sounds kinda gloomy doesn’t it?. Mum wasn’t out to catch attention with witty, trendy titles. She just wants the public to understand what it’s like to be living in two worlds at the same time, the world of autism and the real world. Autism has sometimes been described as a black hole where all the light is sucked out and your head and legs feels like its going in different directions. I’m a high functioning autistic. That means I am able to participate actively in everyday life. I need to stay rooted here in this world where there are people who love me even though the other world, the world of autism seems so safe and makes no demands of me. When I was very young I spent a lot of time in the other world. Mum would not tolerate it and started a life-long battle with autism. She called it The Enemy. Perhaps she’ll post stories about when I was younger.

Look at me walk on water!

On a brighter note, I may not be able to do many things normal people can do but hey have a look at me here. I can walk on water!. Ok maybe it looks more like crawling on water. My sister thought this would be a great introductory photo. You can tell she has a sense of humor. Thanks sis for that fantastic timing with the camera. You turned me into a miracle.

Hello world! I am more than Autism

Haziq Izmi

Hello World! This blog belongs to me, Haziq Izmi. I am a young adult whose life and thoughts are seen through the eyes and voice of my mother. I am autistic. I have limited communication abilities. I can read and write in 2 languages with some amount of comprehension. I speak in abrupt one-line sentences in a monotonous tone. I’m not putting myself down, just to offer an explanation why the author of this blog is not myself. Instead it’s my mother reading and translating my thoughts and actions into words so that others may share my life and hopefully gain insight into what it means to be ME.

My family wishes me to have a voice in this world. And so in this blog my mother and I are as one. She who feels my daily pains and joys.

This blog does not contain autism resources, latest medical information or ground-breaking research. It is a simple life blog which may help shed some light to other families out there with special young adults. Welcome to my unique, mysterious world.