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I’m sorry Dad

Today is a BAD day. This morning I fought with Dad. Actually I went into a complete rage. I tried to hit and kick my Dad. He was shocked. I have not lost control like this for a very long time. I let myself step off the edge and plunge into that black hole. I see the disappointment on Mum’s face. I hang my head low. I am ashamed.

All is calm now. My face is no longer red and my hands have stopped shaking. Dad and I have cooled down and made up. He tells me to get ready to go to the barber. That’s what the fight was about. He promised me a haircut.

*a note from Haziq’s Mum – Dad admits it was mostly his fault. Yesterday he promised to take Haziq to the barber at 10.00am and did not keep to it. Worse, he started to scold Haziq for disturbing him. One thing led to another and tempers flared. A word of advice; keep your promises to your children. You are the whole world to them. They cannot bear to be let down by people they look up to in life. Doesn’t matter how trivial the matter. Nothing promised is trivial to children …especially to special children.