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Quiet today, better tomorrow

It’s a quiet day. I don’t feel like saying much. My eye contact is at a bare minimum, just enough to scrape by Mum’s radar. She can sense it when I’m not altogether there just by checking eye contact. We autistic folks know a neat trick ….how to look at a person and yet look right through the person so that we can continue chasing our own thoughts racing at a crazy speed in our mysterious minds. Yes you guessed it. I used to do it all the time when I was little but Mum wised up. Now she can sense it just by observing slight body movements even at the corner of her eye. It gives me the creeps cause next thing I know I’m almost jumping out of my skin in reaction to my name being called out LOUD.

Tomorrow will be a better day. Mum said I can listen to the music she just completed downloading for me – The Music of Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Epcot Center. It brings me wonderful memories of my time there. I can name every ride, every attraction and every place on the map. Its true. I forget relatives’ names but I know everything Disney at my fingertips. Mum calls it selective memory. I constantly dream of visiting Disney World again. They don’t call it the Happiest Place on Earth for nothing you know.