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What’s not to love about the zoo?

It’s the best place to be. Dad promised me a day at the zoo after I helped him with three days of data entry work. Then I fell sick so the trip got postponed. I tried to fool him and told him I had fully recovered but my croaky voice gave me away. I tried to give him friendly reminders but he didn’t appreciate it. Mum says repeating 10 times a day is not friendly…. its called annoying. I hear this word A LOT. I don’t mean to annoy. I just can’t help myself. It’s like a terrible itch that demands to be scratched.

Have I told you I’m like a walking Encyclopedia of Animals? But that’s a whole different story. Mum will share later. I like wild animals much better than pets. Cats and dogs scare me a little because they come too close, too fast and often too loud. It’s all too much for me. I own a couple of these encyclopedias as birthday presents. It replaced my annual Magna Doodle birthday present streak. There’s a story there. See you later alligator.

This is where I draw my thoughts at super speed

P.S  If you don’t know what a Magna Doodle is, look at the pic. It was THE toy of the child of the 1980s. Mum said “bless the inventor of this wonderful idea”. I use it to draw my thoughts. I’m a good artist when it comes to drawing animals and dinosaurs.  This was my first form of communication during the early days when I had not acquired speech. It is still my all-time favorite but I carry it around less often now because Mum says it looks odd for a young man to be lugging around this toy.