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Laundry and meals. Chores and rules

I’m back so my blog is back to being written from my perspective, with Mum’s help. Just gonna rest today but there’s laundry to do first. I have been doing the laundry for a long time. When other mothers hear that they say to Mum “How lucky”. She replies “Nothing to do with luck. I train him on a task for however long it takes for him to master it”. It’s true. That explains why I can read and write in 2 languages and use the computer. I don’t understand everything I read but imagine how much less meaningful my life would be if I wasn’t able to surf the Web. My favorites are You Tube and Wikipedia. Odd combination but it works for me.

That also explains why I have good table manners. Mum watches me during meals. Even till now. Watches to see if I forgo the part where I am supposed to chew my food. Sometimes I just swallow straightaway. Hey it’s faster. If she sees she asks “what’s the hurry . . . catching a train?’. If I have 10 sen for every time I heard that . . . If I still don’t chew she makes me stop eating for a full 5 minutes, like a time-out. One problem I have is not being able to sense that there’s bits of food around my mouth which needs to be wiped. I really don’t. I wipe randomly, hoping to find that morsel of food wherever it is. Ah one more thing, Mum makes me sit up straight to make sure I don’t eat with my face 6 inches from the plate like she has seen many special kids do.

So I have to get on with the laundry now. You know the worst part? It’s not the actual work or running to retrieve laundry when it rains. It’s the part where I have to CONS..TANT..LY remind my brother and sister to fold their clothes and put it away. Arrrrrrrrgh. It drives me crazy!! . When the clothes pile becomes little hills Mum tells me to dump it on their beds. They have no choice but to fold it when it’s time to sleep. This part I like.