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My fast track to Fasting

I breezed through my first day of Ramadhan, the fasting month. Yesterday I led the family in reading the doa buka puasa. What a far cry from the days of training. Then I could not understand the no food, no drink policy from sunrise till sunset no matter how thoroughly Mum explained the concept. I gave her a hard time. Mum never gave up. When I got older I kinda understood what was expected but it was a more of a follow-by-example exercise. She cooked special foods for “those who fast” and those who did not had dinner a whole hour after they were done. That sucks. She  showered praises and affectionate hugs for “those who fast”.  It got to a point where I could not bear to be in the “did not fast” camp. Even then I kept forgetting and would absent-mindedly open the fridge and reach out for something. Mum had to practically follow me like a shadow to make sure I keep to my fast. She would swoop from behind and grab the food or drink inches from my mouth. Picture this … eagle snatching a chicken just outside the coop. That’s how it felt like.

When she left the house she put everyone on sentry duty to keep an eye on me. I don’t recall when I began to understand my religious obligation but I remember completing a whole month of fasting at the age of 11 years. It’s not a big deal cos most kids accomplish that at a much younger age but for me it was a milestone in broadcast to the whole family. When I was fasting while living in Florida it really amazed my teachers and classmates. They thought me “awesome”. Actually it was even easier over there with its cool weather and early sunset at 5pm meant shorter fasting hours.

Yesterday brother was not with us for the first time. I know I’m not the only one who misses him even though I’m the only one who said it out loud. Looking forward to breaking fast with Irsyad tomorrow even if its only for 2 days. Got to go set the table soon and Mum needs help with the dishes so bye for now and wishing everyone a Selamat Buka Puasa.

“Prayer carries us half way to God, fasting brings us to the door of His palace, and alms-giving procures us admission.” – The Quran