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Mum’s handiwork

While Haziq is away I will take the opportunity to show some of my work with shells that Haziq picked up while we were on holiday. The shells are all in its natural state, even the color, except for a coat of varnish to make it more durable and to add some shine. Everything is 100% handmade. I used non-tarnish artistic wire and a few beads and a dose of creativity. It even came with ‘ready’ holes which I made use of fully. There are more brooches made from shells but I felt 3 photos would suffice.  All have been sold and photography is by Haziq’s 14-year old sister, Nadhrah :>

We found these simple yet beautiful shells right on our own shores. We have been to Sanibel Island in Florida where it’s reputed to be the 2nd best beach in the world for shell hunting. The beautiful beach itself was of a powdery, white sand and we did find exotic shells but every single one was broken. What a shame. The trip was not in vain though cos we were able to watch 2 dolphins frolicking within metres of the beach for some time. That was unforgettable. Haziq loved it.

Handmade 100%

Haziq's teacher bought this for a friend in Australia