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I don’t handle sickness well

Does anybody? I moan and I groan and I sigh every chance I get. It doesn’t help me get better but I tend to share my misery with all around me. Funny thing, when I’m happy and entertaining my own chaotic thoughts (many come in the form of cartoons but I don’t expect you to understand that) I really rather be alone. I like my kind, gentle doctor but hate that wooden thing he puts on my tongue. I gag easily.

I’m back to health now but Mum adds one more to-do item to my daily routine. She wants me to drink 2 ounces of VeMMA juice, a powerful anti-oxidant to help me stay healthy. I am anxious. She says its juice from the one of my favorite fruits, manggis (mangosteen). She shows me the picture on the bottle. And so it is.

My daily nutrition

Now understand this folks. I work hard at fine tuning my daily life so that it runs like clockwork. Change is stressful for me. It means one more task to manage and remember. Lucky for me VeMMA tastes good. I gag easily. Did I mention it before?