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You think I’ve got problems? Meet Winnie,Tigger & gang

So you think I’ve got PROBLEMS?

Wait till you meet the rest of my friends from The Hundred Acre Wood.

I'm in good company

Music and sweet memories

I’m listening to the Disneyland music Mum downloaded yesterday. It’s the best. I especially like the Main Street Parade music. I imagine myself standing in the crowd watching the fairytale float procession with all my favorite characters waving at me. In between the floats are dancers in colorful fantasy clothing. In a moment I too am dancing, jumping and singing. I crash into a chair. Mum asks me to sit and calm down before I hurt myself.

God, I miss living in Florida. The two short years there were the best years of my life. Dad bought Florida residents’ annual tickets to Disney World. It gave us unlimited entry to any Disney park anytime of the year, almost. Being 3.5 hours away from Orlando meant we could even go for the weekend, which we often did. Mum would find great hotel deals on the internet. One hotel had its own mini water theme park, another had train rides to the room and another had bunk beds and a Nintendo. The best were resorts with heated pools, a kitchen and plenty of cycling paths for Dad and brother. I tried to learn to cycle but balancing is a difficult task for me. It took me some time just to co-ordinate my hands and eyes to catch a ball. I did play hoops eventually but that’s because it didn’t involve much pain… unlike falling off a bike. I guess you know by now I don’t handle pain well. Still don’t understand this concept of “macho”.

Back to Orlando – when I was not out theme park hopping, I would be in the pool. We took leisurely walks in the parks, fed the ducks and played by the fountains while my brother got on his roller blades and little sister pushed her scooter. I’d go to bed exhausted and incredibly happy.