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So this is brother’s new, far away home…

We piled the car with snacks, drinks, clothes hangers, an electric jug and whatnot and we were on our way to see my brother at KYUEM. We met him at the Great Hall where he was busy directing a show for his seniors. I don’t understand but it must be important from the way he talks about it. He likes doing these kind of creative things. He tried to teach me to dance a couple of times but always ends up laughing more than anything else. I didn’t learn a thing. It doesn’t matter cos all I know is I’m happy when I dance my kind of dance. Never mind if everyone says I look like Mr. Bean. I like Mr. Bean. A lot.

Brother’s room was small but cozy. I helped make the bed with that new quilt Mum bought. I kept very quiet. Too many things are new to me and I need time to think on it. We didn’t stay long. Next weekend we can bring him home. On the way home Mum and Dad talks to my sister about her studying there too someday. I stiffen. Mum glances at me. Does she see the question pop up in my head? WHY does my brother and sister have to leave me?.